West End is Now Short Pump: Same Shit – Same Pile

I imagine other localities other than RVA have ongoing classist jibber jabber between varying neighborhoods or sections of Suburbia as to which is superior. It tends to follow the rule that the more homogeneous and boring an area is the more vehemently the lemmings that live there strive to label themselves and identify with that area. I understand that your vanilla, mediocre, and bland lives and neighborhoods leave you grasping for an identity to boost your self-esteem and perceived social standing within you peer group. For many years the influx of white-collar “carpetbaggers” tried to convince the populous that the West-End” was the best-end, and many a Cavalier, Hookie, or Spider fell in line with the ongoing propaganda and took root. But as you know when to many sheepeople follow the exclusivity is lost and soon this “followers” were claiming the “Near West end”, “The West end”, “ The Far west end”, of the “ Far Far west end”. Soon anyone west of Ellwood, North of the river, and South of Amelia were claiming the west end. So the self proclaimed “West-end” elite are doing what comes naturally to them, re-branding”. Now they no longer live in the west end, but the live in Short Pump. They tout their close proximity to all things franchised and superficial., and as always with the class-tards they operate on a modus aprendi of exclusion, being that they define themselves by who they can exclude from their area and revel in their caste system as if their good- fortune was bestowed on them by virtue of divine selection, and not by privileged opportunism. I am sure that there is a percentage that achieved their station in life via hard work and sacrifice, but I am even more sure that many of the ”Shorties” have never put in an honest days hard labor. There is a much larger percentage of the population that gets up everyday to go and grinds out every little necessity for their family, and these are the people that can be proud of what they have made out of there life. So when hard times hit and your trust funds collapse, or Mommy and Daddy can’t send the checks and they forclose on your overpriced particle board Mc Mansion and repo your luxury car, we keep on grinding. We have always paid our way and lived below our means because we don’t have somebody waiting to pick us up, wipe our tears away, kiss our boo-boos, and solve our problems. Toughen up cream-puffs because life is knocking and sooner or later you are going to have to answer for yourselves.


4 responses to “West End is Now Short Pump: Same Shit – Same Pile

  1. West of Ellwood was “The West End” back in the old days, and Short Pump was always “Short Pump “. Even Walmart didn’t see all that growth coming, judging by the tiny store they built out there.

    /Lakeside is the Cake-side

  2. To what, exactly, was this post in response? Admittedly, I do not follow this blog, but it seems a bit arbitrary to me. Not one hardworking person west of Ellwood, huh? Hmm….. Ok, if you say so. I’m sure you’re right, because everyone knows that where you live determines the quality of person you are and how hard you work.

  3. Actually, being that i am trapped out here, and understand all too deeply your comments and guessing you are pretty young and don’t live anywhere near here or have any associations with either the West End or the Pump…you have it backwards. See, the elite Richmonders still live in the West End…the wannabes claim they live in the West End but actually live out here with me in the Pump. I have been to parties where I was asked where I live and someone stopped me to say the West End before I could blurt out Short Pump…Short Pump which is filled with exactly what you said above…is not the new West End at all and the West Ends and the Pumpers all know it…most of them are slaving away to just keep up with the Jones’…they haven’t realized that the Jones’ house got foreclosed on and they have moved out…it is actually those West Enders who are the only true people in this mess of mass merchandise place…they actually have the money, don’t have to work and can pay cash for however many McMansions or luxury vehicles they want. The Pump…if you need to make fun of it has a lot more humor to offer…come sit out in one of the five Starbucks…and spy…but I would not leave out the cache/I am too cool attitude that comes with living in the Fan or Church Hill or Westover Hills or Jackson Ward…or the Ginter Park area…if you want material lay waste to each or just Richmond in general for being so oddly sectional…or maybe just stick to this side of the river verses that side…but I am now rambling…its the homogeneous lifestyle that I am leading…its making me soft…

  4. The only thing worse than driving around short pump is attempting to have fun at one of the few shitty bars short pump has to offer.

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