Baseball is Done.

Frequently Richmond, VA is accused of living in the past, unable to throw of the constraints of its past and move forward. We neglect the future and hold our dear city back, all the while more “progressive” cities move forward and thrive. This has been highlighted again and again throughout this bullshit baseball fiasco. The Pro-ball side has played both sides of the fence saying Richmond has had a team for so many years that we need another, but then they say that minor league baseball is the economic future of Downtown. They have adopted which ever stance suits the immediate debate, and it is here that the Captain calls “BULLSHIT”! If they want or need a stadium so bad, lets really push the envelope. Baseball is a sport that has passed its heyday. Baseball no longer captures the interest or disposable income as it did decades ago. Lets build something a little more unique and not just “carbon copy” what other cities are doing. So for your contemplation and entertainment the Captain present “Two Better Ideas for Sports in RVA”

Minor league Football = Obviously a no-brainer. Football is KING in the USA. An outdoor minor league team in Richmond would draw more fans than baseball. I have no “facts” to back it up, but it is true. If you want us (RVA citizens) to look to the future and gamble on a minor league team quit offering us the same old tired ass game.

Build a professional short track and bring the car races downtown. Richmond loves car racing, and RIR is a major economic driver. Something like this would have probably got us the NASCAR hall of fame.

If we are really talking just straight “local” interest and trying to pull as many people downtown as possible, why are we only talking about baseball? If I had to guess it is because Baseball stereotypically would pull the “desired” demographic, i.e. middle –upper class white spectators. If that is what you want just say so. If you really want to pull in the most people and sustain attendance, then Baseball is dead in the water. Honestly if you WASPs want your baseball stadium then pay for it yourselves and have your little party, but if you want everyone to help… then give “the people” a sport we want to watch and a team to get behind.


8 responses to “Baseball is Done.

  1. UMCW spectators?

    Minor League Football? Is there such a thing?

    Do some research Captain.

  2. Captain Obvious

    Read the fucking whole sentence there Pauly-Girl, I believe it said:

    “I have no “facts” to back it up, but it is true.”

  3. Sticks and stone, little captain, sticks and stones.

  4. Velodrome!

  5. Scott Burger

    Paul, maybe you should go back to playing with sticks and stones in your CAVE, you hypocrite.

    I always thought Richmond needed a good paintball venue that could be built up host some pro tournaments.

  6. Scott, you get friendlier with each passing day.

    Lest we forget, you signed a statement saying Richmond deserved a world class baseball stadium.

  7. Scott Burger

    “Richmond deserves a world class sports stadium within its urban footprint.”

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