Back from a Bender

Welcome back True Believers. The Captain has recently returned to moderate sobriety after an extended bender that tested the very limits of inebriation and surely laid waste to various vital organs.  Sacrifices have to be made in order to maintain some level of sanity and unfortunately my liver must endure the brunt of the abuse. However, any self-proclaimed genius will surely agree that the occasional bender is integral to the creative process as it breaks you out of the 9 to 5  routine and expands your life experiences. You will meet people who live life on the outskirts of normalcy and see things you couldn’t have fathomed, and  each time you gain a little bit more understanding of the human condition and the world outside your social box. Unfortunately a bender can only last but so long and one day you regain consciousness and its over; the urge to continue is gone and normalcy and responsibilities rear their ugly heads and your social shackles are back, if they ever even really left.


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